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April 17, 2013

I returned home Sunday evening after such a great time in Cincinnati at the Spring Quilt Festival. My sole intention was to have a booth to vend my patterns but I always come away from these shows with so much more! I love meeting customers who are already familiar with my patterns but especially love meeting new converts as well.

Since I usually attend these shows alone, I don’t have as much time to view the quilts in the quilt show, so I try to arrive early each day and take in a little at a time. It helps to re-energize me for the day ahead when I see such amazing works of art.

I took many pictures over the course of four days and will try to post as many as I can here. I don’t want to overwhelm you with too long a post today so I will break them up over a few days.

Cincinnati Vendor's Mall 2013

Cincinnati Quilt Show 2013

This is what the vendor floor and quilt show looks like before the show opens, nice and calm with everything in it’s place. As the show opens and the crowds gather you can hardly see the red carpet on the floor. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a picture of the crowds because I was too busy welcoming people into my booth.

Happy Shoppers!I must say that I love the reaction of customers the first time they step into my booth. Usually they stand there with a smile on their face as their gaze slowly makes its way around to all the quilts. Sometimes they are so excited about the designs that they return again and again as was the case with Joann Prince and Charisse Boychuk.

Joann Prince and Charisse Boychuk

I especially enjoyed the show and tell that I received from eight year old Scarlett. Just look at those perfect points on those triangles! I see a quilt show ribbon in her future.

Image 30

Modern quilts are certainly making a name for themselves and it was great to see a special exhibit from the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild featuring the Dresden Plate.

Mod Polka Party by Barbara Chenault, quilted by Katy Doench

Mod Polka Party by Barbara Chenault

Reds-den Plate by Janine Keeton

Red-den Plate by Janine Keeton

The Dresden Files by Kelly Biscopink, Quilted by Angela Walters

The Dresden Files by Kelly Biscopink

Switching Gears by Amy Thonnerieux

Switching Gears by Amy Thonnerieux

 I was able to meet Amy and her mom on Saturday as they came by my booth. Amy’s sister, Tracey is a friend of my two daughters and was stationed with them in Okinawa, it really is a small world. Just as Amy’s quilt suggests with all the gears connecting, it is amazing the connections we make with people worldwide.

The next two quilts are also modern quilts but were in other areas of the quilt show.

Ripple by Daniel Rouse

Ripple by Daniel Rouse

Ripple by Daniel Rouse  is a modern take on the Drunkard’s Path block.

Sky High by Kate Stiassni, Quilted by Jackie Kunkel

Sky High by Kate Stiassni

So many beautiful quilts to share and I’m really enjoying the modern quilt movement. It is especially exciting to see so many younger quilters getting involved and using their creativity to update  traditional quilts.

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  1. Robin P. permalink
    April 17, 2013 10:50 pm

    Thanks for sharing!

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