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Little Hissies

January 4, 2013

If you are a quilter I’m sure you have an abundance of quilt patterns, books, and online sources with design options. Maybe you have a pattern with a quilt layout that you love but the block design leaves a little to be desired. Or perhaps you want to change up a current tablerunner or bag pattern. As a pattern designer, I can assure you that we all want you to continue to purchase new patterns to add to your ever growing stash. Sometimes I get an idea for a new applique design and want to use it on several different projects. That is where the idea of Little Hissies came from. I had several individual block patterns ready to go into quilts but thought they would also be great to add to several different projects. These one block designs contain only the applique design and instructions allowing you to use your creativity to stitch them on whatever you choose! Use any pattern that you currently have that requires a 12″ block and these will be just the right size. You aren’t just limited to the 12″ size though as you may enlarge or decrease the size of the applique design to fit your project. Permission is given on the pattern sheet to make the change in size. The price of $6.50 each is quite a bargain these days. When you create a project using one of my Little Hissies, please send me a photo. I would love to feature it on my blog or website! To see these and my other patterns simply go to my website,


Cruisin’ looks great on any tote bag.


A Spot of Tea looks great on a tablerunner.


Owl Be Seeing U would make a great little wallhanging, or make several blocks for a quilt.


Stitch was quilted and mounted on a canvas frame, makes a great little wallhanging for your sewing studio!


Santa Mouse looks great on a pillow for the holidays.


Whoo, Whoo, Whoo would add a little whimsy to any holiday project!

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  1. Janice Pope permalink
    January 5, 2013 11:44 am

    Great Blog post!! I have been involved every spare minute with my dad who has been hospitalized for 10 days but is not home. He had the flu which went into pneumonia. I know I missed having lunch with you and Laura. I hope to have a better schedule in a couple weeks. I have to take him back to the doctor on Monday. He is doing great, but still acting sick. I think he is just realizing he is not going to die from this. Hope to stop by and see you this weekend in Sanford on my way back from Charlotte. janice

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